Czech Glass Jewellery

Czech Glass Flower Jewellery

The History of Czech Glass

The history of Czech glass begins in the third century. When Celtic craftsmen began producing the very first glass beads in Bohemia. Now known as the Czech Republic. These beads were highly prized, both in trade and as ornamentation. Glassmaking techniques progressed around the world and were perfected in particular by the Italians. The Czechs experimented and soon uncovered secrets, the Italians probably wished they hadn’t!

They then began initiating their own glassmaking techniques. Among the most significant was their unique contribution to the process of holding glass. A process that resulted in the creation of pressed glass beads with fire-polished finishes. And so the Czech glass beads we see today were born!

You may have noticed I use Czech glass beads in the majority of my designs. For me, the reason I love Czech glass so much, apart from the variety of shape and colour  –  is the quality. I like to finish my designs with a tight wire wrap between bead and loop. That means, my designs move as intended, rather than moving up and down the metal because there’s a gap between the bead and the loop. With other, cheaper and more fragile forms of glass bead – that process ends up chipping, or breaking the bead entirely.

I’m loving Spring and Summer florals right now! And with that in mind, I would like to introduce my limited edition – Czech Glass Flower Collection.

Czech Glass Flower Collection

Czech Glass Flower Earrings

Red & Turquoise Flower Earrings

One of my favourite colour combinations for summer! These red and turquoise Anemone flowers are teamed with Picasso Czech glass, faceted beads in similar shades.

They are available in a copper, gold or Sterling Silver finish.

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Red Boho Flower Necklace

These beautiful, red Czech glass flowers are teamed with copper and flat tan, faux leather cord.

Available in lengths 16 – 20 inches, this necklace is perfect for everyday or making a summery statement.

Red Boho Flower Necklace
Aquamarine Floral Earrings

Aquamarine Floral Earrings

Gorgeous, earthy oblong shaped Czech glass flower beads, teamed with copper and Aquamarine.

Aquamarine harbours the ancient powers of the sea and these earrings conjure images of cold days on the beach for me. It is also the Birthstone for those celebrating March Birthdays.

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Summer Flower Earrings

These dangly copper earrings are perfect for summer! They feature burnt orange and red Anemone Czech glass beads and copper.

They are also a great example of my wire wrap method and how hardy Czech glass beads are. Other types of glass wouldn’t have survived!

Summer Flower Earrings

A limited collection for now – but one I hope you all enjoy and that I will be adding to soon. I’m always happy to take custom requests, so if any of these beads have caught your eye but you fancy something a bit different, just for you – get in touch and lets work together on creating your perfect piece.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Very interesting to learn more about Czech glass. I love them too as they are so versatile. A beautiful collection Clare.

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